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Polka Mass
Saturday, April 24, 7pm-8pm
Sunday, April 25, 10:30am – 1pm
St. Stephen Church
103 County Rd 2 S
St Stephen, MN 56375


The Singing Slovenes are a non-profit singing group committed to sharing their music and culture. Many of the members have Slovenian heritage. Even those that don’t, appreciate the beauty and culture of Slovenia.

Slovenian Flag

Slovenia was once part of the former Yugoslavia. Bounded by Italy to the east, Austria and Hungary to the north, and Croatia to the south and east, Slovenia became a democratic, independent country in 1991. The red, white, and blue Slovenian flag depicts Mt. Triglav (Slovenia’s highest mountain) and the Adriatic Sea.

Traditional Slovenian Shirt Traditional Slovenian DressThe Singing Slovenes wear an outfit from the Gorenjska region, one of 12 different regions of Slovenia. This is also the national Slovenian cultural outfit (narodna nosa). The men wear a white shirt, a vest (lajbĉ), cropped pants (irhrice), white socks, and boots. The women wear a shirt, skirt, apron, white socks, belt (sklepanec), and scarf.

Slovenians are educationally, musically and linguistically excellent. 70% of Slovenian children speak three or more languages. English starts in kindergarten and children go to school until they are fifteen and then nearly all (98%) attend secondary school. About 84% of students then go on to university. Children learn music from an early age. The two main styles of music are polka and waltz. Per capita, there are more musicians in Slovenia than in any other country in the world!

Slovenia is a country full of castles, culture, and natural wonders. Lake Bled and Bled Castle are popular tourist attractions, but also beautiful are Lake Bohinj, the Postojna Caves, the Alps with Mount Triglav, the capital city of Ljubljana, and Lipica- home of the world famous Lipizzaner stallions.

Slovenia is the only country in the world with the word “LOVE” in its name. Maybe that’s why we LOVE being a part of this band so much!