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Polka Mass
Saturday, April 24, 7pm-8pm
Sunday, April 25, 10:30am – 1pm
St. Stephen Church
103 County Rd 2 S
St Stephen, MN 56375

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Frank Bucar

Frank has been the director of the Singing Slovenes for over 30 years. Frank was born of Slovenian parents in 1947 in a refugee camp in Spittal, Austria. Frank and his family came to America in 1950. Frank made his first trip to Slovenia in 1969 at the age...
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Sharon Bucar

Sharon is a vocalist in the group, the wife of Frank Bucar, and the mother of many members of the Singing Slovenes. Sharon is the “Commander-in-Chief” of the Bucar family in the group....
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Frank B Bucar

Frank is the son of Frank & Sharon Bucar and was thus born into the Singing Slovenes. Frank loved the group so much, that he even brought the love of his life, Leslie into the group when the two married. As a Drummer and Button Box for the group,...
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Leslie Bucar

Leslie is the wife of Frank B Bucar and one of the vocalists in the group. When asked how she became a Singing Slovene she says, “I married the drummer! :)”...
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Mary Spehar White

Mary is the assistant director of the Singing Slovenes and has been singing with the group for over 30 years. She has a strong love of music, a passion for singing, and a Slovenian heritage which provided the inspiration to join the Singing Slovenes. The ethnic foods, music and...
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Mark Spehar

Mark is proud to be Slovenian and loves the fact that he gets to continue and pass-on the long musical and cultural heritage of this proud nationality....
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Joe Jagunich

After having retired from over 40 years of entertaining as a solo musician, and as the leader of his dance band (The Joey J Duo), Joe heard about The Singing Slovenes, and attended a practice session. He joined as a singer, and eventually began playing piano and button box...
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Chris Nollet

Chis simply loves to play music. If it weren’t for the Singing Slovenes, Chris would never have an excuse to play the trumpet and baritone....
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Seann McGovern

Seann was asked to help out with the Liturgical Polka Music, and gradually became more involved with the Singing Slovenes. That was 15 years ago and Seann has enjoyed countless performances with the group....
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Jamie Finn

Jamie simply loves to sing so she joined the Singing Slovenes for fun. Jamie loves to be able to spend time with her friends that are in the group, her daughter Ashlee, and celebrate her heritage....
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